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Welcome to The Good Life Guru website where you will find information, tips, tools and products to TRY to enable you to live your best authentic life  as well as links to reach out via our social media platforms for support and guidance. 

Please note, the information on this site is what I have gathered from different sources as well as my own belief system mixed from professionals and my own experience. 


Did you know, the person you are today, the way you think, feel and act is mainly because of our past experiences. We develop beliefs about life from what we have witnessed but also what we are told growing up. A perfect example is religion. Depending on your parents and culture, you grow up following a certain set of beliefs and values. The problem with this is, it doesn't always align with who we really are and we can create negative limiting beliefs about ourself and also become very judgmental of others; This can cause discord within our body as we sometimes fail to live authentically which results in feelings of depression, anxiety as well as physical pain stored in our body. It can also cause us to find it hard to relate to others who don't share the same values and beliefs. We must always be mindful that we are all different and the world would be a boring place if we weren't.  

So then, how do we really know who we are if most of our life we are conditioned to think, feel and act a certain way? Please explore MIND, BODY, SOUL to help with this Journey. 


Sometimes its hard to relate or be empathetic to others If WE don't agree with their choices/beliefs. What makes YOU correct and someone else WRONG? Unless your debate is about the sky being blue then your belief is simply your perception of a situation which is basically your OPINION. You might feel so strongly about something, but this does not make how YOU think RIGHT!. Trying to convince  someone else to think the way you do when they are resisting is a waste of your energy. Knowing this and letting go of the need to be right or win an argument will free up so much tension in your body... Breath, and let it go :). 

We can also disregard peoples feelings if we don't think they're justified. For example if you feel your experiences have been tougher than others you may roll your eyes if they say they're depression because to you, they've been through NOTHING compared to you and your doing ok. Another example is you could be a bigger built person rolling their eyes at someone with less weight than you, moaning about how fat they are. These judgements are coming from our personal beliefs. We think that if we just had 'that' to deal with, or were 'that' size, we would be grateful, happier, but really, this isn't the case. I believe, our belief systems are the key to everything. Its that which we make decisions on. It determines how we perceive things which in turn, enables us to act or in most cases react to people, situations and our environment and in the end result in how we feel. The beauty about knowing this, is that we can delve in and change our belief systems if we don't feel they are servicing us. E.g, Feeling not good enough because your parents and teachers have told you for years you would amount to nothing. Believing your too fat because you were called piggy at school so instead you starve yourself and barely have meet on your bones, but to you, your still that "fat kid".