The Good Life Guru

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Hi. My names Hayley Morrison. Its 2022 and I am currently 38 living with my partner, our daughter Ruby who is 6 and our 8 month old cockapoo Lola. On paper, life is good! We own a home, both work, have a good relationship with our family and friends and in good(ish) health. What more could we need. Roof over our heads, heat, hot water, food, love, we have access to them all. But why do I feel like my life isn't serving me. Like I'm meant for more. What is my purpose, is there even such a thing as having a purpose. Who is responsible for my life, is it god, the universe, the people around me, me? So many questions that I may never know the answers to. I hate uncertainty. I like to know the ins and outs of a fart as my mams friend once put it. As I was trying to figure this out, within weeks my hole world was tipped upside down and the ability to feel like I had any control over my life was swiped from under my feet. 

2 year ago a pandemic emerged and for most, things spiraled downward. People lost loved ones, family members had to isolate, not able to hug their dear ones, businesses collapsed, People lost jobs, possession's, Domestic violence went up, suicide in our younger generation went up, kids education was disrupted; and although I take my hat off to those who thrived through lockdowns and constant fear from the media, creating new businesses, spending quality time with their partners and kids, sorting out their health etc many suffered; the way they lived and the ability to provide for their family's had changed unexpectedly and was out of their control. Then, to top this off, the day all restrictions ended, the news reported about a war. Talks of our country being involved, nuclear weapons, WORL WAR 3! No wonder people are still struggling to get themself back on track. 

The pandemic has cost the country millions in debt. So much of it wasted on faulty PPE, a tracking system that didn't work, masks & testing strips (not too mention more rubbish for the environment) vaccines, pay checks to help people survive. Now the pandemic is over we are left with the repercussions. Energy bills are more than doubling. There's been a huge increase in vehicle fuel, house prices too. People are wondering how they will survive. People who were just scraping by have been pushed even closer into poverty with some having to make decisions between heating their home and putting food on the table. 

For me, I am a self employed entertainer and was hit financially with zero income during the pandemic. I struggled with restrictions, home schooling my daughter and found myself loosing hope of normality returning. I began drinking wine on a weekend as I entertained people on social media from the comfort of my kitchen, trying to lift peoples spirits. I then started having a bottle on a wed (wine Wednesdays became a real thing). With this, and wearing comfortable clothes the majority of the time with no where really to go, I began eating more and doing less. I have put on 2 stone, feel so unfit and lost all motivation. 

Now I am back working, I still cant shake this feeling. This emptiness like at any moment we could go back to being restricted to our homes, people fighting over toilet roll and just not having anything to look forward to. Its like I'm on edge, waiting, not wanting to enjoy life too much for it to come crashing down again. But, I know that these limitations are in my head and I need to let go of the things I cant control and learn to adapt to whatever life throws at me. As I go through this journey of living a good life, my reasons for creating this platform is so I can share my personal experience (see 'my blog') as well as links to professional support and guidance to anyone who needs it. 

We were already in a mental health crises and now, right NOW, people really need support, guidance, hope! I have learnt, most problems start in the mind and manifest into our reality. Our perception and ability to deal with problems is in fact the real issue. But, the mental health waiting list before the pandemic seen people waiting 6 months just to get someone to talk too. I hope to provide free tools, advice and support as well as professionals who provide specific areas of healing, recovery, counselling and other services that can empower you to live your best life no matter what is happening around you.