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Posted by hayley-morrison on May 20, 2022 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Heey. Ive been working in the background on how I can best offer my knowlwegde, skills and support for you all. Ide love to hear from you on what you think it is people need help with? I wrote a questionaire that I would love to share and hear your anwers. If you would like to take part in my research please send your answers to these questions to [email protected] 

1. How would you describe mental health?

2. Do you or someone you know suffer with mental health problems?

3. What are they? Anxiety, depression etc

4. Is this person receiving help or support? (if yes, who were and how)

5. If yes, What support and is this helping you/them?

6. If no why not?

7. Have you told someone about your mental health concerns?

8. If yes, what was their reaction and how did it make you feel?

9. If no why?

10. Do you have someone to support you?

11. Do you know the reason for your negative mental health state?

12. If yes, feel free to share (option)

13. what help do you feel like you require?

14. If no, have you tried to find out why?

15. Do you have any physical ailments?

16. Do you take medication?

17. Do you eat a healthy balanced diet?

18. Do you exercise?

19. In which area of your life is suffering because of these issues?

20. Can you remember when these issues started?


21. What would you say people were mostly scared of?

22. What would you say worry/stress people out the most?

23. Do you think people are more

• Depression because of their past

• In Despair because of their present

• Anxious/fearful about the future

Thanks in advance and I massively appreciate your help. 


Lets do this!

Posted by hayley-morrison on March 2, 2022 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (3)

Hi. Today I have made the decision to sort my life out! I usually say this every Sunday but I mean it this time (I say that too lol); but this time is different (and today is Wednesday So im already well ahead of myself).  It is different because, I feel that im needed right now. Not personally, but as an empathetic caring soul. They say service and gratitude is the way to a happy life. Is this really all of our purpose, to serve others? Or is this just what rich people want you to think so you dont manifest abundance for youself. Who knows. Maybe you can do both, and as we only get one shot, Im gonna give it my best shot. 

Hayley xx