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We've been so conditioned to think and act a certain way, we are constantly looking for clues on how to behave around others. Ever noticed how we change depending on who we are around? Now this wont go for everyone. Those that know who they are and are comfortable in their own skin have mastered their mind and hats off to them as its not easy for most. If you think you know who you are but over analyze conversations or suffer social anxiety (just to name a few), then you need to work on yourself! The beliefs we hold about ourselves is the key to moving forward :)



Your body is your souls vehicle and its important to look after it like you would with a car! A diesel can't function  if you put petrol into it! It will also decline in efficiency if you don't top up the water and oil, change tires when needed etc. Why do so many people fail to look after what goes in and on their body? Main reason is because there's no immediate signs of wear and tear. You don't get liver failure from a night on the drink, you don't get overweight from a Pizza on a Friday night. I'm all up for a drink and a pizza and believe the best diet is a balanced one as its more sustainable. However, some people abuse their body by putting stuff into it that isn't good day after day. Over a period of time, your body will respond and not in a good way. Just like a car not getting the correct fuel, your body will fail to sustain. This is why its important to eat nutritional food that our body's need to function. 



Back to the car example. If you don't use a car for a few month, the battery can go flat. If your not using your body, your joints can stiff up, your muscles will deplete. The importance to move your body is also good for your metabolism which breaks down the food we eat. 


People know about the importance of eating nutritious food and exercise, but what they may not realize is our environment is an important factor too. The very air we breath, the clothes we wear, the products we use, all filled with chemicals that get into our body. 


Our feelings arise from how we think about things, our belief system. e.g One person may have been chased by a dog when they were young and seeing a dog when older experience an uneasy feeling of fear however the person next to them may actually want to go towards and pet the dog. Most situations are the same, we react based on our beliefs. However, if we stop relying on just thinking about situations and become more in tune with our internal system to feel whets right or not, we may not over react as much. This is mostly referred to as our gut instincts. , an inner sense of knowing. 


Thoughts - How the mind works, how to control it (why people get depressed, anxious) – developing good habits, finding your authentic self. Creative exploration, Tools and resources available. Worksheets, team exercises, speakers.


Actions - understanding Mind - body coherence, How to recognize your actions from your thoughts,  Environment, Genetics, Nutrition, physical exercise. Natural healing, self care. 


Feelings - Your spirit, emotions, intuition, vibes, energy, Universe, spirituality, Frequencies, alignment. Balance.